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Loyalty Club

Welcome to the Oner Active Loyalty Club. Become a member, collect loyalty points and gain valuable benefits.


Already have an account?

How it works.

Earn Oner Points and redeem them when making purchases, level up your member status to get exclusive perks, and benefit from referring friends.

Step 1

Create an

Step 2

Earn points for
every € spent

Step 3

Level up for
exclusive perks

Step 4

Redeem points &
shop for free


Already have an account?

How to earn Points.

There are many ways to earn Oner Points. Take a look! It‘s super easy.

+350 Points

Create an account

Up to* 150 Points

Per €1 spent

+750 Points

Share your birthday

+10,000 Points

Refer a friend

+100 Points

Like us on Facebook

+100 Points

Follow us on Instagram

+100 Points

Follow us on Twitter


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*depending on your member status


With every purchase you make, you move one step closer to levelling up your exclusive member status. Awesome perks and exclusive member-only items are waiting for you.

Spent per calendar year Bronze
Points per €1 spent 100 Points 125 Points 150 Points
Exchange Oner Points for discounts
Birthday offer
Free participation in a yearly giveaway
Return shipping time (according to T&C) 30 days 45 days 60 days
Member status entry reward 750 Points 1000 Points
Secret offers
Vote on new products

Already have an account?

Refer friends for up to €50 off.

1 Friend

Earn 10,000
Oner Points
worth €5.

3 Friends

Earn 30,000
Oner Points
worth €15.

5 Friends

Earn 50,000
Oner Points
worth €25.

10 Friends

Earn 100,000
Oner Points
worth €50.


Already have an account?

FAQ - General

Q: What is the Oner Active Loyalty member club?

A: It is our way of saying “thank you” for being a loyal customer. Earn points (Oner Points) and redeem when making purchases, level up to get exclusive perks, or benefit from referring friends.

Q: How to become a Loyalty club member?

A: As soon as you sign up with Oner Active, or if you are an existing registered customer, you will automatically receive free membership to our Loyalty Club.

FAQ - Oner Points

Q: What are Oner Points?

A: Every time you shop with Oner Active you earn Oner Points. These points can either be redeemed as a discount on your next order or can be saved up over time so that your entire order is paid for with Oner Points.

Q: How to earn Oner Points?

A: It is quite simple! For every €1 spent at Oner Active (excluding shipping costs) you will earn 100 - 150 Oner Points depending on your membership status. In order to collect points, you must be a registered customer and logged in to your account when placing your order. Your points are then automatically calculated according to your order value and member status and will be added to your Oner Points balance within your club member account. There are also a bunch of other ways to earn Oner Points. Find out how.

Q: Where can I see my Oner Points balance?

A: You can find your Oner Point balance in your member area within the „My Loyalty Club” -section.

Q: How long are Oner Points valid for?

A: Oner Points are valid for 1 year (365 days). Any points earned but not used within this timeframe will be removed from your account. Each order has a separate countdown of 365 days.

Q: On which products can I redeem my Oner Points?

A: Oner Points can be redeemed as a discount on every Oner Active product. They can also be saved up over time so that your entire order is paid for with Oner Points.

Q: I have two Oner Active accounts but I only want one?

A: No problem, contact us by clicking here
- Provide both e-mail addresses of the two accounts.
- Let us know which account you would prefer to be your main account.
We can transfer points from one account to the other but we cannot transfer a whole order to another account.


Q: What is a club membership status?

A: As soon as you sign up you will be given the first member status called „bronze“. From there on you can level up - each status has better, more & different benefits. Click here to take a look.

Q: How can I level up?

A: The more you shop within a calendar year, the higher level you will reach. “Bronze” is the first level, “Silver” the second and “Gold” the highest and last level. Take a look at our club membership status overview to find out how much € spent is needed to reach a certain level.

Q: How long is my membership status valid for?

A: Your membership status will be valid for the calendar year in which you have leveled up plus the following calendar year. (e.g. If you level up to Gold on 1st of May you will own your status for the rest of this year plus the following year)


Q: How can I refer friends?

A: It is quite simple! Sign up / Log In, open the Loyalty Club app (badge in the right corner), go to the section called “Refer your friends”, copy the link and send it to your friends.They’ll receive a €5 discount off their first purchase over €50. You’ll earn 10,000 Oner Points once they make their purchase! The more friends you refer, the more Oner Points you earn.

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